Saturday, May 9, 2009

Age of Conan - Trick up my sleeve

Check out this image.

Whatcha think?

That, my friends is Age of Conan....RUNNING IN DX10 on my LCD TV.

Thats right...and working. How is this possible?

Let me explain....

As I had stated before, the only system that had worked on my LCD TV was my new laptop. But, as I thought on that, something occured to me.

When it was working, the display was on both the laptop AND the TV.

Oddity indeed.

But, this originally started to fester when I decided to try alternate cables to see if my problem had to do with using HDMI vs RGB.

Having run through some various posts out there on DX10 and HDTV's, I saw quite a bit on the issue on mouse center being off on the Hi-Def displays in DX10 games.
But, this only seems to be an issue for DX10, not DX9...and not all games.
What kept coming up was how the TV display had issues running 1920x1080. Seems sometimes the games would switch the display to 1080i, yet the TV still thought it was in 1080P, thus causing this mouse issue. The center was lost so to say..
The other point always made was the game running over HDMI..

So, rummaging through my cables, I went to work, and found an old RGB cable. I hooked this up to the TV's VGA port and pulled the HDMI cable.

But, when I tried Conan in DX10 with the RGB, I had no luck. I then thought of something else. Why not switch to the res I wanted the game to play in...i.e: Make my desktop a 1360x768 display, and play the game, if 1080P was the issue.

Still no luck.


That is when I finally thought of the laptop, and decided to hook up both cables.

I booted up Conan, and TADA...working DX10 for Age of Conan.

Now, of course, ask me to explain this, and I can definitely say "No clue". Also, is it worth it to keep both cables hooked up? I found my solution, and that was my main goal. DX10 in Conan has some cool features, but there is no doubt, performance wise, it leaves a little to be desired. The FPS can range between 30-80, which just is too large of a hit. But, really cool features, like waving grass, attack effects, and some other visuals really lend to a gorgeous game.

Guess, I will play around some more, and see how I feel. All I do know is solving this issue makes me feel..POWERFUL...mwuahahahaha (ok, ok, humbled by my TV, but that little bit of pride still feels good.)

Maybe I shall post more musings as I think on this...Success just feels good is all.


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Petter said...

Good to hear you finally made it work. Congratulations. :)