Sunday, May 10, 2009

Age of Conan - DX10 Goodness

Well, after my hard work troubleshooting these past weeks, it really paid off.

DX10 is working, and after some finagling, I have some decent framerates in Age of Conan, and have been playing quite a bit this weekend.

The video card I got (the Nvidia GTX260) overclocks nicely as well, and has really ramped up my performance (not to mention fixing a few issues with video playback that the ATI cards are experiencing due to a driver flub on their part).

Here are some nice little images to whet the appetite showing some of the cool DX10 effects..enjoy!

Fatalities look really cool now thanks to the motion blur effect..

Distance soft focus..

Glistening snow

Soft glow on attacks with power

And just awesome vistas!!

Lovely stuff. Well, I hope all you "Muthers" are having a good day
(get it?...huh, huh?)

As Samuel L. Jackson once said "Look at all these Muther Freaking Muthers on this Muther Freaking Plane..."

Ok, he really didn't, but man, Muther jokes are hard on this day? Geez...tough crowd.

I better go before I wear out my welcome...cheers!

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