Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Age of Conan - Final test until Friday

So, I decided to run one final test this morning on Age of Conan and the ATI, DX10, LCD debacle!

As I previously posted, I had found out that my ATI system plugged into an LCD running DX10 in Age of Conan (mind you, no other DX10 game presents with this issue) causes the mouse to not work properly (slamming the camera at the sky, and not giving you control to rotate the view and no resolutions below 1680x1050)

This morning I continued trouble shooting this issue and had moved the install to another son's..which has a totally different mouse, an ATI 3870 (lower style model of ATI) an a Visio LCD (mine is an Insignia made with LG Electronic parts).

The verdict? Another ATI hooked up to an LCD TV and no mouse or resolution control.

Color me unimpressed.

I ordered an Nvidia card today, as I have been wanting one anyways...a GTX 260 which has been shown to run AoC at the same rate, and some games run better on this card.

Got a good deal on this, with a quick 15 bucks off, no shipping costs and 20 buck rebate.
About 100 bucks less than my ATI 4870 as well.

Guess this will tell the tale in the end if ATI is an issue or not.

Just remember to stay tuned, as the support nightmare is almost over...

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