Friday, January 9, 2009

Age Of Conan - Final merge data released

And talk about bringing the count down.....

A post was made on the main forums about what servers will be left after merges. It seems after all is said and done, there will be a total of 6 servers in the US.

The listing follows...

US Servers
  • Set (PvE)
    * Damballah
    * Bardisattva
    * Dagoth
    * Derketo
    * Hanuman

  • Wiccana (PvE)
    * Mannanan
    * Ajujo
    * Thog
    * Zug
    * Omm

  • Gwahlur (PvE - Oceaninc)

  • Tyranny (PvP)
    * Scourge
    * Bluesteel
    * Stormrage
    * Deathwhisper
    * Doomsayer
    * Shadowblade

  • Cimmeria (PvP-RP)
    * Bane

  • Bloodspire (PvP - Oceanic) - merged on 7th January 2009)
    * Hyperborea
The bolded servers will be the mains, and the others listed underneath will merge into that server.
Set and Wiccana were the two servers I played on. I also have a character on Deathwhisper and Cimmeria, but were there during population checks, but not played much. When I go back, I will be focusing on SET (as it has the VERY large guild I was in) and Cimmeria.

Now, what is really interesting is how the server system works for AoC. Basically new fields are spawned when around 1500-2000 players are on board. What this means is new "instances" start to appear when the server areas fill up. How many for each instance is unknown.
Each server has been discussed as capable of 8000-10000 concurrent users at once (compared to say the non-instanced games like WoW which has a 1500 to 2000 player limit per server (based on calculations noted around the web).
Not sure how that will play out in the long run, and if queues will start to appear.

They have listings for the EU servers, and you can preview those changes here.
Now all we have is time to see how this proceeds.
What I DO know is for the first time in about 3+ months, AoC finally got out of the 50's on Xfire yesterday and peaked at #49.



Red Headed Tim said...

What is bizarre to me is that the only PVP-RP server left is Cimmeria. Does anyone know why they merged Hyperborea w/ Bloodscourge or whatever it was called (have yet to login since the merge)? Were the 2 pvp-rp servers really that distinct in community? Why not merge Cimm w/ another pvp server as well?

Red Headed Tim said...

Ok, apparently I'm a n00b at reading comprehension, you explained it fully and that Cimm will be merging w/ Bane. Sorry :)

Still, were the communities that different that it was better to merge them w/ pvp servers? Why is Cimm still pvp-rp but Hyp is part of a PVP only? I never paid much attention before, were bloodspire and hyp unique as being the only oceanic pvp-related servers? Guess I haven't been keeping up as much as I should have been.

Scott said...

Nice to see either way, I hope it bodes well for the players.

Edge, did you happen to see Funcom's entry in the MMO Developer's 2009 Resolutions? One of the items: In addition we are already underway on the first expansion to “Age of Conan” and there will be more details on that throughout the course of 2009!

Openedge1 said...

@Red Head
Well, my understanding is that Hyperborea was a small PvP server, and Bloodspire was a small Oceanic server. Their wish was to expand Oceanic's player base, and with such a small contingent on Hyperborea, they felt it was suited...(there was talk that a lot of Oceanic players made Hyper their RP based PvP server home...forums are gone now so I cant find that data anymore)
There is not much more info there.
Bane was partially populated, and with it's RP bent thanks to the Culture setting, they decided it would work best with a RP server.

They have discussed this expansion since last year already. I would really doubt to see it. It would be nice, as it adds an Asian themed world, but the first thing after merges will be patch 1.4 with both middle and high end content (including new end game material) and of course...DX10.