Friday, November 14, 2008

Age of Conan - Morrison proves his worth

Another month and...what is this?

More communication with the players from Craig Morrison. Impressive.

Even more exciting is what is being said here. So, without further ado, lets do some bullet time!

  • We are now preparing the DirectX 10 version of the game for our public test servers. The next major game update will include this version of the game and make it available for everyone with the appropriate hardware to enjoy. Since the outset we have been determined that the new DirectX 10 functionality would not just be a ‘gimmick’ addition to the game and would add visual quality to the game, we feel that the version we are preparing now for testing does achieve this and in a way that will find the right balance between visuals and performance...
  • In terms of game content we will have two brand new dungeon locations in the next game update. Situated in Thunder River both will be aimed at maximum level players. The Slaughter House Cellar is a single player level 80 instance and Xibaluku is a large team instanced dungeon aimed at the same level range. Xibaluku has a great series of new and interesting boss encounters spanning several hours of game-play...
  • Following on from that early in the new-year you will be seeing the Tarantia Commons outdoor play-field. As I have mentioned before we have pushed this play-field up to a higher level range than was originally announced when we first talked about this play-field. The content will now be pitched somewhere in the mid to late 70s (the designers are still tuning the mob levels slightly) and you will find yourself thrust into the middle of a dynamic storyline surrounding riots taking place in the Commons District of the city. Which side will you find yourself on in this struggle right on the King’s doorsteps? There is some really interesting combination of storytelling and game-play going into this play-field and I think it will be a very interesting and engaging experience...

And this does not even include the itemization systems, and the stats do-over to fix their numbering schemes (i.e: read- Understandable stats)

This man is making major strides to fix this game...and fast.
Seems it is still on target to have major changes before the year is up.

I personally think the DX10 implementation will bring in new sales from those who look for a way to show off their new hardware (ME!@!!!!!) and I would be willing to go back to play in the world with that option!

This will make the game even more next-gen.

Impressive stuff here gentlemen of Funcom. And kudos for making this change, and moving this man to the front. He is truly the right choice.

Good luck AoC!

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