Monday, November 3, 2008

Fallout 3 - Nicely innovative...yet..

Too MUCH talking...

Talk, talk, ask questions, talk some more...go find this person, talk some more..

Can we discuss balance of fun stuff, and the talking please? still is quite cool. But, Oblivion seemed to keep me entertained more for longer periods..

(Must be that Sci-Fi/ Fantasy thing again..)

There is no doubt the game is good more, as I decide to write about it (and PS: get the console version, as the PC version and DRM is a mess...)


JoBildo said...

The PC version only uses SecuROM for DvD checking. Not really a mess, and it's already been cracked for those who prefer to not use the DVD while playing.

But on top of that, if you must get the console version, get the 360 one if you have a choice. Only it's going to get the downloadable content as of yet.

I'll stick with the PC though, as it feels blasphemous to play a Fallout game on the consoles... lol.

Openedge1 said...

Yet....look here

Cannot install issues

And I have the 360 version.

JoBildo said...

Sorry the "you" in my 1st comment would be for the other folks reading this post. It's a shame that the PS3 version's not getting the DLC, and wanted to make sure folks were aware before making the purchase.

That Bluesnews thing makes me think those folks have something like Daemon Tools running as they try to install it... hrm.

I can't really say I had any issues installing. Though I did crash the first time I ran it... not sure why. Could have been because of SecuROM, but I'm thinking it was because my card was still under-clocked with Riva Tuner.

I've had no problems myself with the game on PC. I just hope that the construction set does come out sooner or later. I'm sure some very creative people who did a lot of cool stuff with Oblivion's CES would love to do so again in Fallout 3.

Openedge1 said...

I have heard some mod work is already happening PC wise...
Here is a good source...
Nothing fancy yet though...

First mods

Enjoy man!