Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warhammer Online - Priced to go, and a hint of TR

Brendan from MMOlogy pointed out that WAR is now selling for a nice 10.95 retail. Free shipping with Prime also. Woot.

Will this help bring in more players during this holiday season? Or is this a last ditch effort on the part of a game that is good for a few PvP/RvR fights, and then go back to WoW, type of player?

What is interesting is WAR still holds the coveted #15 spot on X-Fire which still makes it the #2 most popular subscription based, Western developed MMO.

Can those numbers hold?

Speaking of those X-Fire numbers, I do see LOTRO is already starting to decline though...but, that is another story.

Finally for my weekend, just a quick post. Myself, and my son are having a good time in Tabula Rasa. I took over the main character and that character is almost level 10. My son took a clone of the main, and made an alternate class of Specialist which deals more with equipment, healing, etc.
Almost level 7.

I will post more on this later.

But, I will say, truly sad to see this game go.

Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

If you can, please come back to Hyboria tonight and to our guild city! Fellowship of Souls will raise the Tier III Trade Post at 9:30pm Central Standard Time. This is what most guilds can only dream about! Come...we will have a Guild Photo Event, as well! Hope to see you here. Your Friend, Thotholyte, FoS Guild Second-in-Command

Scott said...

So you're saying the new areas are ghost towns but the chats are busy? So they're "out there" somewhere but possibly not where we'll find them in 2 months?

Anyway, has the first-person + Earth patch gone live yet or is that still "coming soon?" I probably won't bother activating my sub until Dec 11 or 12.

Openedge1 said...

Correct. The starter zones are dead. But, I bet they will be slammed in January,
Lots of chatter going on in General though, so with the mainly solo content...I think the game is quite fun right now.

The FPS mode + Earth is said to still be a go, and may release within the next week or that is also good news.

If you have other games, do as I said previously and hold out until the 10th of December, and play 100% free until the doors close. (Unless this last ditch save TR campaign works...but, I have no confidence in that move)