Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fable 2 - Ultimate addiction with a completionists nightmare

All of my game time (except for the foray into Runes of Magic) has been in Fable 2.
Non-stop all week, and this weekend has been the need and desire to play one of the most fun RPG's in a long time.

Not just that, but my son has beat the game 4 times already, and STILL has not found all of the little side pieces and achievements.

The wife is shortly behind me in her game in quests, and has already found her niche of trying to make as much money as possible (which is what an RPG should be...opposite of who we are in real life, as she always tries to SPEND as much as possible in

But, the issue comes from the achievement system. It seems only certain achievements unlock depending on if you play good or evil.

But, all the more reason for a second play through.

One final piece that has me foaming at the mouth. As you progress the MAIN story, new quests continue to open up in the regular world. As well, the world evolves through time...

Truly a great RPG.

We have officially, at this time, claimed Fable 2 "Our favorite Xbox 360 game" of all time.

Now, back to searching for Gargoyles.

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