Monday, November 24, 2008

Fable 2 - New Adventure awaits


It was announced today that a new DLC would be available come Dec. 12th (my Birthday...please send gifts to...The Mountains, NC).
Basically a whole new island will be open with a major quest line to change the once pleasant island that is full of snow to a sunshine haven.

New items, people to meet, for 800 Microsoft Points (about 10 bucks for the expansion).

Makes me wonder just how long that adventure is...

Ahhh...who cares. Seems a new patch will be released to fix some bugs also. And this now will be my chance to make my Evil character to gain those achievements.


Love this game, and will be glad to go back!

EDIT: New website with more information
  • Embark on 3 unique quests set in 3 unique dungeons.
  • Unravel the mystical secrets of the resurrection shrine.
  • Try on a whole new range of outfits and look like an armoured knight, an assassin, a barbarian or a leather-clad biker, among many others.
  • Brandish 6 new weapons.
  • Dozens of unique potions that will drastically alter your appearance.
  • Customise your weapons the way you want with the new augment tool and a whole new array of augments.
  • +50 additional leaderboards.


Tesh said...

On the one hand, I really like the idea of DLC as a way to extend a game's function and scope, and to make the development barrier to entry smaller (working in discrete chunks means current success can fuel future work, or current failures can mean shifting to something better).

At the same time, I think that DLC can quickly be abused and wind up as being too expensive, or giving lazy devs an excuse to shove half-finished games out the door with the expectation of "fixing" it later. Breaking a Final Fantasy-style game into episodic content, for example, could wind up being more annoying than advantageous.

So um... yeah. I don't even have an xBox, but I've heard Fable is cool. Here's hoping you have fun with the DLC for it. ;)

Openedge1 said...

I also am on the fence of the pay for extras.
This will be my first one. I always worry if it is worth the cost.
This one is 10 it better be good.

Fable had about 40 hours of content for myself, so I got my moneys worth.
If anything if I can get a good 10 hours, then I am golden here.


Bildo said...

I'll pay for extras. These guys have to make a living after all.

I've still got to actually finish the main quest. But I'll likely get this around the holiday as I'll be on break from school and have more time to game.