Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lost Odyssey - And we're BACK!

Starting Saturday, the family sat down in the living room and played several hours of Lost Odyssey.
The game had been put on the back burner when I signed back up for AoC with the wife and then Fable 2 hit shelves and took priority.
But, I loaded it back up, and we sat back and watched the game take place.

It is interesting in that the wife enjoys the strategies, and we work out ways to approach the fights, which seems to be more complex than Final Fantasy (we have died many a time so far).
The son loves that the game looks cool, and he enjoys the anime based heroes.

It is also like watching a movie at times, so overall it is a good "family on the couch" game with popcorn and snacks for a couple of hours.

A great game, and should be interesting to see how the story proceeds.

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Lars said...

Lost Odyssey was very fun. I wouldn't rank it up there with Final Fantasy but its definitely one of the better JRPGs in a long while. I liked some of the design aspects too: when lower level than an area you get massive XP; when overleveled, monsters stop giving much, if any, XP, which encourages you to move on. It kind of made sure you were the appropriate level for any boss you encountered, and couldn't simply power your way through by running around in circles fighting the random encounters.