Monday, November 17, 2008

Lord of the Rings Online - Patch Notes for Moria

Posted here...with my favorite note...

"All Kinships must now maintain a membership count of 8 or more. If your Kinship membership count drops below 8, it will be disbanded if you do not recruit enough members to meet the minimum within five(5) days."


How many other games put such a limitation on Guilds? Can anyone point me to one? Is this really a good thing to do?


Melf_Himself said...

IIRC, WAR requires that you have 6 people all together at the guild registrar to be able to create a guild.

The tactic of forcing people to group like that is bad game design, I think. It might result in more longstanding guilds but that doesn't necessarily equate to more fun for the player since it's accompanied by enhanced e-drama +25%.

Let players do what they want... Don't get me started on the whole guild system - I think players should be able to be part of multiple social circles, just like with facebook groups (or, gasp, like with real life).

People will bitch and say that this will mean you can't raid with the same people every night... but the point is, you can if you can find other like-minded people. As for the non like-minded people, well, they shouldn't be forced into doing something they don't want to do.

In the current guild structure, if I want to experience end game content, I have to join a hardcore raiding guild, who will threaten me with being kicked from the guild and subsequently having no guild at all if I don't want to play every night. Ridiculous. Let me do what I want without some 15 year old fat kid on the other side of the world lording it over me every night.

Scott said...

It could be a way to try to prevent people who have guild drama (or just being pricks) from stealing a guild name (perhaps after booting people or disbanding it, whatever) with a one-man guild.

I saw that and kinda made a funny face but since that will never affect me personally, I really don't care one way or the other.

There's usually a forum bitch-fest that gets changes like that put into the game, and there will probably be a forum bitch-fest that gets it taken back out in a couple months.

Openedge1 said...

But, why so many?

In EQ2 I can form a guild with 6, WAR is 6, WoW is 10..yet, you do not need to keep the 10.

This is a pretty high requirement, and just makes the game more elitist is all.

Talk about taking away control.

Brendan said...

It's quite odd, really. That doesn't allow the smaller friends and family type guilds to exist. Turbine is funny like this some times, making very odd decisions about design at times.

Openedge1 said...


"We make the game the way WE like it, and we hope you like it too..."

I am so confused over their decisions sometimes.

Like, lets make our UI for a specific size screen...say 1280x1024, and anything larger than that? Well, you can resize it, but it will be pixelated...oh, and the font? Forget stays the same size...teeny.


Well, if people wish to have restrictions placed upon them by their game, more power to them..

I say..Yuck!

Anonymous said...

I do not see a point with such restrictions and as Melf, I think the guild mechanics or forming various player constellations in general leaves a lot ot be desired.

It should really more be designed as an enabler for players to build various groups and communities, without tryinf to force a specific usage.

mbp said...

The MoM upgrade increased the number of alts you can make on a server to 7. I guess it is no coincidence that they increased the minimum size for a guild to 8. It dissuades folk from using their alts to start one player guilds.

Personally I don't see why this restriction is necessary. There's lots of folks out there who just want to play with a few of their family and friends and this makes it difficult for them to form a guild (or at least forces them to invent a few placeholder alts).

It is particularly odd when you consider that the vast majority of the content in Lotro can be tackled with a six man fellowship. You could have a group of six players who are capable of doing most of the content in the game but still aren't allowed to form an official guild.

Scott said...

Necro Alert!

(Off-topic, but ever notice that blog posts seem to have a 4-day *maximum* lifespan?)

Anyway, the reason is exactly what mbp suggested: they don't want one-person kinships. I've never been a kinship leader so I had no idea the previous rule was 6 characters in the kin, which is at least 2 players since we could only have 5 characters. I suppose two-boxing is an option but my impression is that is a dying activity that only an extreme minority of players do anymore since all games allow multiple characters per server.

Anyway, Moria added two more character slots so they increased the minimum kinship roster to 8 to match that... maximum characters per server + 1 to ensure at least two actual players.