Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on game to try..

Well, I have decided to pull EQ2 off my list so far...almost.

I am surprised at the amount of nays for EQ2 in my previous post.
Let me note more for you though before I say 100% ...."No"

I have a level 61 character.
I will NOT buy the Shadow Odyssey, which means max level is 70.
I had a good amount of plat...not a lot, but about 20+ plat to go into the game with.
I have NEVER maxed in any MMO, and by not buying the Shadow expansion, this makes max level...70 (EDIT: is 80...corrected by Tipa) in EQ2 for me.

As to someones comment...I stated I have learned to not "grind". This is quite simple. I will NOT open a quest log and FORCE myself to do them in order, and kill over and over and over.
I will split up my time in exploring wherever I can go.
Joining some pugs to do a dungeon.
Decorate my home.
Craft (not my favorite thing).
Just have fun in the hopes of leveling to 80.

Now, based on this, does everyone still agree that EQ2 may be a bummer after a year of not playing?



brenda said...

First, The Shadow Odyssey didn't raise the level cap. Second, the level cap is 80, not 70; it was raised for Rise of Kunark. So, assuming you have RoK, you can get to max level.

Second, 20 plat is a lot of money...

Third, I have only grinded in EQ2 once or twice. I hate the grind, yet I have two 80s and a 70 just from playing for fun :P

If the game's not for you, it's not for you, but just wanted to correct some wrong thoughts. It a non-grindy, really open MMO with almost too many different things to do.

Stargrace said...

Sure would like people to make their own decisions on what game to play and stop relying on the masses to tell them what to play. Brenda above has the right of it. If it's not for you then it's not for you. I'd rather see people posting about games they are ENJOYING and having fun in (ie: West Karana) then read post after post about restrictions, issues, and everything bad going on. YOU know what you enjoy playing more then anyone else. Take advantage of that.

If you're planning on going back to a game after a year of not being there, with no expansions past what you had bought last time, and what appears like an already decidedly negative feeling towards it - guess what. You're going to get just what you wanted, a whole lot of "not fun".

Melf_Himself said...

As per last time, we all know you're going to ignore the vote and choose whatever you secretly wanted all along. So just start playing EQ2 already and stop agonizing about it!

brenda said...

I have to echo Melf and Stargrace. Who the heck asks people to VOTE on what they'll play?

My vote? Tennis. It's a good game, trains your hand and eye reflexes, gets you in shape, meet people, and it's easy to learn.

They have plenty of indoor courts for the winter months, too. Huge one near me, even.

Scott said...

I'm inclined to say you'll not like it but that's simply because I don't like EQ2 either. In a near-perfect example of differences in perceptions and tastes, nearly everything negative you say about LOTRO are some of the exact same negative things I say about EQ2.

However... I was unable to punish myself any higher than level 10 or 11. I wanted to, mind you. I read West Karana and Stargrace's stuff and so much seems so cool. Obviously you found something entertaining and engaging enough once before to get to level 61!

In the end, I agree with Stargrace. I've said on a few other blogs who asked for opinions on what to play, or wanted to know what the visitors most enjoyed reading. I *most* enjoy reading about our adventures in games we're really having fun and enjoying ourselves in. Tipa, Stargrace, and Ardwulf pretty much have EQ2 covered on my list and they occasionally sprinkle a dash of Vanguard for flavor. I'm the only full-time LOTRO blogger I know of; I do have one other on my blogroll but he mostly posts news not what he's actually doing in the game. I was looking forward to some AoC stuff from you but you left so soon again... /frown.

Writing about technical aspects of MMO's, or the industry in general, or just editorial articles is fine, but so often when we're writing those, they always seem to have a negative/bitchy/whiny overtone to them. That's fine, but I certainly like a balance of positive attitude when I read someone's adventures where they're having FUN! If we write when we're happy and excited over our adventures, that comes across in our writing. I can usually imagine the author smiling as he's writing and that usually makes me smile too.