Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tabula Rasa - The end is actually quite sad

So, as I stated, this past week for Thanksgiving (and between games of course) I decided to fire up the TR account early.
I got the game for .96 cents, so really any playtime does not hurt the pocket book.

I started with an initial character that was to be played between myself and my son. Our goal at this point is to get a character to max.

At level 5 we cloned the main for the new class selection. We made the main a Soldier, which my son spent quite a bit of time with.
Then he deiced to try the clone and made a Specialist.

I noted my son kept asking questions about crafting and clans. I enjoyed that he wanted to discuss the game.

At one point I checked on him, and found him in a group. This of course did not end well (he may be gifted, but typing is still a 5 word per minute, good thing he is getting his own PC for Christmas to practice on...woot), but he also shows this interest in grouping mechanics.

Myself, I took over the soldier and have played here and there. I have noted that the missions are well laid out, sensible, well written. I think the most fascinating mission is actually something they call a "Window of Opportunity".
Basically they took a whole lot of various quests of kill this many, discover this much, etc. They have made this a "Prestige" line that assigns you titles as you complete them besides XP.
Kill 100 Thrax, get a title and XP, Investigate so many caves on the planet, get a title and XP.

I have not crafted yet, and may even avoid that, as it really has not grabbed me in past games. But, otherwise, I am shocked that I am having a bit of fun.

I think taking a break from the MMO genre helped some here. I am fresh going back, and willing to not "rush" to level. I am also open to some grouping.

Time will tell.

It will be sad to see another MMO bite the dust. So, at this point, I do want to have everyone check out this site...

Save Tabula Rasa
is a project to help save Tabula Rasa from demise.

The author states...

"-A means to gain 75% of the "Tabula Rasa" property.

-Leaving 25% in the hands of NCSoft.

See what money we can figure out, if we can that is, is for a marketing campaign using various components of the game.

-Marketing the music element.

-Possibly using the internet and creating an "affiliate program"

-And if these begin paying off, more broad base media.

The goal to me is to try to set up a system to get a good 100,000 subscribers a week after a maximum time frame of 3 months."

I am unsure of the success this website may have, but I do want to point it out in hopes people will sign up, and get involved if you enjoyed the game.

Hope everyone had a good weekend....cheers.

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