Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MMO break changes my Internet habits

Of interest...

I am avoiding game forums more often...

I am avoiding the many emails of "betas" I have...

I decided to avoid logging into Age of Conan for my last days...

I am reading more on general games sites ( for example, Kotaku and Joystiq)

I feel great!

The drug is wearing off it's hold on me.


Hudson said...

I used to think like you. Then I realized console games get boring and cost too much money. After 2 months I was back on the PC and getting my groove on.

Here, try Guild Wars. Just one night? Next month is free man. So is the next one.

Just click the icon.

Openedge1 said...

The difference though is actually LETTING go.

Example: You are an alcoholic, and you decide to take a break. Instead of 10 drinks a day you go down to 5..

That does not work.

I have STOPPED all MMO gameplay.

As to PC gaming, I currently have lined up..

The Witcher
NWN expansion
Legend: Hand of God...
Devil May Cry

In so many words, I will still avoid the MMO for now even if I go to the PC.

As to boring console games, each person has different feelings on this. I am not getting anything special out of any of the MMO's right now, and they bore me, yet, I am super geeked over the games I have played on console (except for Fallout 3 is not catching me...)
As to expensive, I currently am ready to go back to Gamefly, and can get a majority of games for cheaper than a month of an MMO.

But, I do not believe this is a "NEVER play MMO's again" thing.
I ordered the Tabula Rasa and DDO deals I spotlighted, so each of those will be some pretty cheap 30 day fun.
Of course...when the moratorium is over though.

This is the way I see it...
The only way to see if you REALLY do not need it, is to go cold turkey..
Set it free, and if it returns to you...

Ya ...hokey...but true....married my wife thanks to that condition.

But, that is another story...

Cheers mate