Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Witcher - Choices and outcomes...

One thing that is hard to grasp is the gray morals of the Witcher.

Geralt in this game has a unique issue to deal with. How the choices affect future outcomes in the game.
Due to something that happened in the first chapter, where a Witch had been living outside the settlement, something was drastically changed in the fourth chapter.
She mainly made potions and what not to help the towns folk, maybe even do divination's to help people see some futures..
But, one of the religions of course noted her as an outcast. I could put my lot with the townspeople and had her burned at the stake. Or help her out due to her "lesser" evils.
I sided with the witch. This made her appear later in a small village I am in, as she left the old homestead. This village accepted her as their "Healer".
Due to her also being saved, she shaped my character to accept some of the ways that magic work. I now believe all monsters may not be evil, and allowed me to find a way to cure a spirit that was cursed instead of outright sending it to Hell by my sword.

Due to this system, I grappled with my latest dilemma.

Another Witcher I had been following was believed to be a renegade.

He ended up working for an evil organization that would kidnap children and use the ways of conversion used to make a Witcher (as it is actually a mutation) to create their own experimental monsters to use against others.
The results were not pleasant.

He had been sent to take care of me, but was unsure of this. So, instead he wished to take a young boy under my supervision back to this vile group to appease their need of my death.

I could have either not judged him, or stopped him. I took the avenue of ending his existence.

Why would I do this?

He had mentioned how he had hated what those who created the Witcher's had done to him (Witchers are created by humanity to destroy the abominations they fear the most..).
He took up with this evil group as he was his own entity, to pursue his own destiny.

But now he was unsure.

He had taken it upon himself to continue helping this group though.

Was it weakness? Fear?

All of his work had led to many innocent lives being sacrificed for their science.

I took this matter into my own hands.

Was I right?

As he lay dead at my feet, I find a letter written by his hand.

"I always believed that witchers had stripped me of the ability to communicate with humans. Now I know this to be untrue. Whatever the reasons, I cannot talk to people, so I write this letter instead. Herein, I admit: I am a coward, I fear pain, incapacitation and death. I was afraid at Kaer Morhen, afraid when I fought monsters, and finally, I feared the Professor and Azar Javed, especially the latter. He supervises Salamandra's scientific project, creating deadly creatures from black magic and mutagens. He is a powerful mage, but if my plan works, he will be a dead mage and the witchers' secrets will be safe. In spite of everything, I am content our paths crossed as I set off now for Vizima.


Choices and harsh the life of the Witcher is.

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