Friday, November 7, 2008

Fable 2 - Comes to an end...or is it?

So, after 34 hours, the main storyline comes to an end.

What a blast.

The wife is still playing all the little side quests and mini games. She has not approached the final quests as she is having too much fun.

I have opened up some new possibilities in the game after completing the game. I thought this was novel, and expands longevity of the game.

In so many words, I am not done, and I have more to do, and that is besides playing through again as Evil to see the variations and gain the achievements.

How was the experience?

We still feel it was a great RPG, but be warned if you do play, the ending is anti-climactic.
The experience getting there was more of the meat of the game.

I still hold to my belief that many conventions in the game were well done, and other games (MMO's mostly) could learn from the RPG aspects.

I have also seen a few issues which have been mentioned in passing on forums.
Certain quests broke other items, yet was never a detriment to finishing the game.

And this is probably my biggest pet peeve for PC games...the bugs.

Fable 2's issues never detracted from my game time, yet, so many times have I dealt with drops to desktops, bluescreens, slower performance on high end systems.

But, I will probably never give up on the PC games, especially the MMO.

This is proving to be a good break for me, and I am enjoying my time off.

I received my DDO package today, but it cannot be used until my 30 day moratorium is up.

I will also have Tabula Rasa coming soon as well. Spellborn is supposed to launch (but with Acclaim at the helm, who knows what the heck is going on there...), so I think sharing my time with all of these games will be great fun.

Fallout 3 is being returned this weekend as no one really is into it. It just does not grab me as other games have.
I do have Devil May Cry 4 and several other games on the Xbox ready to go (Including a Conan game that was released before AoC and is an action game with Ron Perlman playing Conan and Claudia Black as a mysterious woman on an stuff).

I have one more story to share about Fable 2. It is called the experiment with marriage.

What happens when you marry a character in Fable 2 and use their awesome "nickname" tool to rename the NPC to your husband or wifes name...?

Let me say, it is never a good idea to shoot your wife in game when your REAL wife is watching...

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