Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shopping day - New books, and a game update

Well, Saturday was an awesome outing. Heading to the Big City (ok...Asheville,NC is NOT that big, but sure is living in Hippy Land).

I headed to Gamestop and grabbed the EE edition of the Witcher. Basically this took last years well done RPG and kicked it up a notch, with better graphics, enhanced dialogue, and some extra adventures (including a toolkit to create your own adventures for the character).

I really got hooked on this world after reading the books.

The Last Wish is a compilation of short stories about the main character Geralt. What is unique is how some of today's issues filter into the story (for example, Elves and Dwarves are discriminated against due to being different).
Thanks to this being a European author, we also see mention of various mythological creatures that are similar to US and Western audiences, but different enough that it warrants more research to read about.
What is even more fun is if you pay attention you can see references to various classic fairy tales in the stories.
Do not be surprised to read about Snow White, Cinderella, and Rumpelstiltskin to name a few.
Highly recommended. So is the game if you liked original NWN, but it has a single character focus along with a more action based combat system.

Moving on, two new books added to my reading list to the right on Shelfari (I bought 3 total, but can read two at a time...).
I purchased the awesome "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. The story is great in that is follows a setting I always enjoy. Magic and Mythology intermixed with today's society (the "Watch" series for example). The Old Gods (Odin, Loki, Horus, Anubis) are at war with the New Gods (Computers, TV, Airplanes) for dominance of our good ole

I also purchased another book based on several criteria.
A look at the cover blew me away as it looked really cool.

It also is a nod to Mystic Worlds.

Saylah was looking for something "Steampunk". And the conversation put it into my thoughts that it had been a while since I had read some Steampunk!
Finally, thanks to Fable 2's Dickensonian like setting of Victorian England with Magic and Mechanical schemes working together. From old Victorian pistols to the mechanical clock tower in the middle of town square.
The setting worked for me..

With that in mind...

Whitechapel Gods is total 100% steampunk. The beginning is quite entertaining (the first chapter discusses a disease striking everyone turning their innards to mechanical parts and their blood to oil was just what the Doctor ordered for fun.).

Finally I got my first Robert E Howard works. Having read some short stories in the past and of course everyone elses versions of his characters, I sprung for one of the new compiled editions of his originals.
I decided to go for Kull of Atlantis, as first it is not Hyboria (these works were much larger and I just wanted some quick reads) and the short story versions will give a me a feel for his overall style and if it is something I wish to pursue more.

Had some great Italian to eat, and then finished the day off with a nice new pair of Dockers shoes to replace the old smelly ones (Men seem to want to keep their shoes forever, while my wife changes shoes like underwear...).

Finally we ended the night watching the premiere of the Legend of the Seeker.
We enjoyed it. It is more serious than the Hercules and Xena shows, and as most people know, takes liberties with the stories (why must TV and Movies do this? What is really the reasoning?), but I expected this, yet we found an entertaining show that at least is something Fantasy on TV.
The effects were good, and the 300-style fight scenes were ok as well.
We enjoyed the fact that the female was also tough as nails...but, uh...when did she switch back to her old outfit after getting a new one in the middle of the show?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I will be out on a field trip Monday (a school bus full of 9-10 year olds is the ticket to an alka-seltzer night...woohoo), so will be FAR AWAY....

Hopefully catch up on my return...



Stargrace said...

Haha, I thought the *EXACT* same thing about the show when I watched it. She starts off in white, switches to the green clothing over at Chase' place, and then suddenly mid-fight at the barrier she's back in white?

Spooky! =p lol

Zeebrat said...

I know this doesn't have much to do with anything, however, I saw a guy reading The Last Wish on the bus today.

Odd coincidence. Maybe I'll go pick it up.

Oakstout said...

American Gods is one of my all time favorite books. It wasn't my first Neil Gaiman book, "Star Dust" which was made into a decent movie was my first one. I've been a fan of his ever since he created "SandMan" for DC Vertigo comics. All of them fantastic stories.

I hope to read more of his stuff, but by far American God's is a master piece for sure.