Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chronicles of Spellborn - So, Tomorrow is the 27th..

And the Acclaim site still looks just like the day when the first year HTML student designed it.

Talk about lame.

Of course today the "Closed Beta" forum section has been posted in the main forums. But click on the link and you get "Sorry, but only moderators can read topics in this forum."

Whats next for World Class Publishers Acclaim. The world awaits....

Did YOU get an email?

EDIT: An update just hit the Acclaim forum that the CB was delayed now until Dec. 5th. I really like all the late data that keeps coming in from the wonderful CM's.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot say that I am surprised. They might ask the Spellborn people to tell in their forums that there has been a slight delay - actually updating their own site would actually mean someone has to spend more than a few minutes on it.

The Spellbornies have not been the best with providing timely information, but with the obvious effort Acclaim and other seem to put in it, who can blame them?