Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fallout 3 - Not that fun

With so much concentration on the conversations, and the storyline, they forgot to make overall combat any good.

Especially for a game with guns, I spend half of my time swinging a melee weapon instead.

Bullets have been hard to find and buy, and money is even difficult to get to.

When fighting, you must focus on AP, which is cool, but you must fight outside of AP to get the AP...

The world is also bleak, and I think I do not want to be in a world that makes me feel so down.

I am sure there is a good game here, but I am not feeling it...(must be that Sci-Fi syndrome?)

I let my son try the game since I was done, and he liked it at first, and then got the same issues...he hated combat, and went back to Fable 2...

So did I.


Lars said...

But you can change the world and make it a better place. :)

I think early on I hit a dry spell where I had a hard time finding ammo, but I'm doing just fine now. What I was doing wrong at first was not going around in sneak mode enough (so I had to fight too many mobs), and too much fighting without AP. AP automatically regenerates, and what I do now usually is use up my AP, take cover behind a rock or corner, wait for the AP to recharge, and come back out and repeat. Sometimes that involves running back a bit.

Being in sneak mode helps me detect monsters early and avoid surprises and conserve ammo since you get critical hits more often.

Don't waste ammo on weak opponents like radroaches. If I need ammo I look for raiders and mutants and fight them, they always have some.

If you repair the weapons and armor you pick up over time you can sell those for a decent sum.

I do agree that combat could be better... but if you give it a chance soon you'll be like me and have more ammo and mini-nukes than you know what to do with. You still might not enjoy it though, but I can't help you there. :)

I should try Fable 2; however, I HATED the combat in the first Fable. How has it improved?

Openedge1 said...

If you hated Fable 1 combat, then 2 will also irritate you.

But, there are differences. You have more of a run and fight mechanic, magic works better, and now you have guns and crossbows with better aiming mechanics.

But, I enjoyed Fable 1 myself, so Fable 2 just worked for me.

Good rental though if you are leery.

As to Fallout 3, I think I felt combat took a step back in FO3 compared to Oblivion. It felt more like the old Elder Scrolls 3 combat system, which was less forgiving.

I am no skills expert, but want to feel like I have control, and FO3 took it away too much.

But, I will give it til Friday, otherwise it goes back for trade in..

Thanks for the heads up, and will try again.


Hudson said...

I think you are just a fantasy elfish type guy.

Me I prefer the Fallout world, it's how I picture earth in about 10 years with the bonus of no kids on skateboards outside my 7-11.


Openedge1 said...

Hmmm...that is funny, as I HATE ELVES (check my old postings for the reason I went back to AoC, and Fable 2 also is a non elf system).

Fantasy though is DEFINITELY my thing.

But, I remember having fun in Gears of War, Halo3, Doom 3, and I like Horror, like Resident Evil.

I even enjoyed my little stint in Tabula Rasa...

Maybe Left4Dead will be awesome...but, otherwise, Silent Hill is waiting for my grubby hands..

But, so far, Mass Effect and Fallout 3 have been a bust....weird.

Need to think on this some more... wonder what the draw of one type of game compared to another is...

Bildo said...

Action over paced-gameplay is what stands out from your examples.

Openedge1 said...



I LOVE Lost Odyssey. Talk about trying the patience of a player. Slow methodical advancement.

Final Fantasy X was our previous most favorite game of the house.

Then look at the Witcher and NWN which both have the conversation systems of the likes of Mass Effect.

NWN is slow like Mass Effect, yet Witcher is faster paced...


But, you do have a point, in that Guild Wars 20 levels come faster than the long drawn out grind of most MMO's. And it is one of my favorite MMO's of them all.
I have played Viking which was an action RPG, and I also decided to buy the Conan 360 single player title also (which is a fun actioner...)

Have to continue thinking on this. I still blame Sci-Fi, and not pace...

Tesh said...

For me, I'd blame the dystopic pessimism of the Fallout series over sci-fi in general. The Star Ocean games were weird hybrids of sci-fi and fantasy, and they worked well for me. The sci-fi aspects of Final Fantasies have likewise been interesting. I'd love a steampunk or Asimov-like game with a stronger science bent. (Arcanum didn't interest me; I'm no fan of M rated material.) I never did get interested in the Fallout games... too bleak, cynical and crude.