Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chronicles of Spellborn - What is going on?

Tipa has started discussing the anticipation for a little known MMO...Chronicles of Spellborn.

If you are an AVID MMO fan then you know about most games that are coming down the pike. But, when it comes to Spellborn, the information that is driving down that road has had 3 shots of Morphine...all dull and lifeless and ready for a crash.

News from the original site has trickled out here and there. It is mainly an EU game, and as such, the data for their release and beta has been forthcoming on the above linked site.

In the United States, we did not fare as well.

We have Acclaim Games as the distributor.

In case no one knows, Acclaim went out of business in 2004. Under the "Entertainment" moniker. In 2006 the "Games" moniker was added and business started back up with Dave Perry helming a new string of low budget and low key MMO's.

All of the games rely on either in game advertising or cash shops to exist.

Spellborn was to be unique. Basically the game would have a certain zone (starter zone I assume) totally free, and then a pay for the box and monthly if you wished the full game.

A novel idea.

And the site has proclaimed an "Open Beta" coming soon.

Now, the European release is less than 2 weeks away. And for the US audience?

Today (Saturday November 15) at 10:40 am.

We have a DEAD website.

I will be keeping an eye on this, and hopefully this means we will get new information soon.

Here is hoping Spellborn is a great indie title to discuss soon!

EDIT: 10:52am. Seems the original site at is now experiencing issues.

EDIT: The US site is back up, but nothing has changed. 10:56am I could also access the very quiet forums there. Seems some note has been made about release from a CM.
It simply states...

"November 27th release is still coming as planned. Changes on the site have not been done since we are rebuilding it as we speak, so yes the links are dead, but we are working on changing things around, so just bare with us a bit."

Good signs. Hopefully soon then!

EDIT: And at 3:30PM Saturday, the site takes another dive. The TCoS site is working fine, but the Acclaim site keeps nosediving. Unsure if they are working on it or just having issues. I do note the rest of Acclaim's site and game sites are fine. Just mainly Spellborn and that section is dead.
Still keeping an eye out, and will report if any changes. Better be soon!

EDIT: Back up, but with zero data. 8:50PM on Saturday, and there have been a couple of posts, but disheartening due to their being nothing new added.
Right now my only assumption will be full release and NO beta at this time.
Lets put it this way. The game will have the first zone being totally free. Most people only do Open Beta to "try" the game.
So, really, who needs an Open Beta?
I believe we just need to sit tight for 13 days.
A notice was placed in the forums at Acclaim that discussion is on about releasing the client for early download. But, no positive news yet. If anything happens, I am sure Tipa or myself, or some other fan will spread the word.


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