Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MMO's on the cheap

Two MMO's have made some real changes in their games over the last week, and now is the chance to get them CHEAP...

How cheap? Check these Amazon links below.

First up is Dungeons and Dragons Online.

With their recently released Module 8, the introduction of a new starter zone (with outside climes) and the introduction of the hour long henchmen (sure to please so many, and less expensive than the Bunny Ranch), this may just be worth a once over.

Your price? --- $4.75

Next is Tabula Rasa.

Their latest patch introduces something that should have existed since launch. FPS mode. You may view the world in First Person like most shooters. It still uses dice calculations in the background to decide hit or miss, yet feels more FPS according to the developers.

Your price? --- a whopping $0.96

I may be on break, but I would be stupid not to at least add these boxes and give them 30 days when my break is up.

If you have ever hemmed and hawed over these games, now would be the time to order.


Ardwulf said...

Half Price Books has both titles for well under $10. I picked them up a while back, and have been sitting on the codes, along with CoH (which I paid just under retail for.)

I'm planning on hitting CoH first, but I will get to the others as well in due time.

Hudson said...

Most games are cheap cause they suck, but that price for DDO is not bad.

TR I would not touch right now

Scott said...

Holy crap! $0.96 for TR? Just ordered it. I still haven't quite gotten over the beta heartbreak but I hear good things are coming soon, and I've read some forums suggesting the population is beginning to rise.

I'll hold out for the next patch before I decide to give it a shot though. With Moria coming, I may be too busy to fool with TR but at least I'll have it for whenever I do try it out.

Bildo said...

For less than a buck, I'd still be buying TR, despite its shortcomings. There's a good month's worth of play there.

DDO is a good game too... one I never bought though. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

TR is a decent game. It will certainly not be a game you will spend years or many months in, but up to a few months casual play could certainly be ok.

If the low price would be just because the games suck, then WoW actually sucks big time also. The original game is quite cheap in the stores here, less than the monthly fee as I recall.

And Pirates of the Burning Sea is probably one of the greatest games right now also, since only Warhammer Online is more expensive in the stores here.

Once the games have paid for themselves the companies just need to find a middle ground between low price to lure people in and high enough to earn some reasonable amount even on those that do not stay past the initial included time.

Crimson Starfire said...

Hmm... Nice price on DDO. I've always wanted to give it a go. Only problem is I have to pay huge transport and packaging fees living in Australia and buying from Amazon. I'll have a look around and see if I can find something local for around the same price.

Cheers for bringing it my attention though.

Hudson said...

The only problem is you pay that for it but still have to fork up a subscription fee in TR. Its not worth the 15.99 right now, sorry.

I can get more out of Planetside