Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spellborn - Open Beta Begins Registration, IP block in place

And so it goes....

If you do not live in a specific set of countries (North America is not included of course), then you cannot access the Open Beta website as of today.

Most likely this means Client access will be blocked.

Time to find a proxy if you plan to play in an overseas server!


brenda said...

Not totally surprised. I'll work around it. Hope it won't slow things down too much.

Thanks for digging this up :)

adingworld said...

Quote from Mirage, Spellborn PR manager:

"For European Territories (except UK) there will NOT be any IP blocking.

Mindscape and Frogster will NOT do any IP blocking."

I read this as that Acclaim might possibly do some blocking and there might be some blocking put in by Frogster and Mindscape, but that would not be based on IP.

Openedge1 said...

So, it could be ....worse?


I know they are doing redirects right now based on some criteria.
If you head to the site, it is blocked.

Guess time will only tell then.