Friday, October 10, 2008

Age of Conan - The "Armor" discussion

On a previous post, I was having a discussion with Zeebrat about armor in Age of Conan.
He had this to say...

However, no matter what you do, you're wearing mud or dirt covered clothes.

I did take a moment to point out these particular pieces I have found in my travels.




The first is Medium Armor for my Dark Templar.
The second is for my Necromancer and is Cloth.
The Third is an arguable piece.
It is a light armor for a Herald of Xolti.

But, so far I have not been able to find those pieces again..

Not one minute after that, I received this story update from MMORPG.

New crafting dev discusses cultural armors.

Patch 3.0 is reworking crafting recipes to integrate what is called "Culture" specific armors from different regions in Hyborian lore.
These are not only wearable pieces, but based on Testlive notes will have "Social" pieces also.

Basically the game is filling up an area that I felt should have been Funcoms focus at first.
PvE and RP possibilities.

The developer states...
"With the introduction of the new crafting content, players will find that tradeskills as a whole has become more cognizant of Conan lore"

Zeebrat says AoC looks "real" and I agree. Maybe this is where differences in taste apply.

Some wish for a more stylized world, and some wish for more realism.

If anything each belong in their proper place.

There is no doubt Age of Conan captures the low fantasy setting appropriately. A gritty world full of danger.

WoW and WAR as examples capture their High Fantasy sides. Magical and colorful.

With the additions coming for the PvE side of things in AoC (new content, quests, voiceovers), I am excited that they are still working on the game, no matter the issues that came before.


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Zeebrat said...

I suppose it is just a personal preference. I figure if I'm going to play a fantasy game, it should be fantastical. I don't want to worry about things like mud, grime and blood.

AoC was just the wrong genre for me. I don't think the characters in a game should look like they're wearing something I could find in a museum.

Give me flaming shoulder pads, and clothes that look like they're taped on and offer no protection at all over realistic armor anyday.

Here's a good example of the equipment I want my character to be able to obtain in MMOs.