Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Commenting gets wide open..

Let the spam begin...

Anyways, based on a suggestion from Mystic Worlds about not wanting to create an account to comment, I felt that really, open commenting would just be better.
I expect a lot of anonymous crap, but it does open up a world of discussion...which I love...(contrary to previous posters attitudes noting otherwise...).

Try not to carry an attitude, and we will all get along fine.

I reserve the right to delete stupidity and ignorance.

Cookies and Brownies are welcome though...



Jason said...

Hmmmm...methinks it's time to start leaving anonymous witty comments like "l2play n00b!" and "Can I have your stuff?" in all of your posts.

Thanks for the opening. Muhahahah!

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

Openedge1 said...


The first one out of the gate is a KNOWN comment DELETER..

Evil, Blasphemy@

(What...did not like my "assery" comment on your site...??? Blame Bildo!)

Oh boy, knew this would be fun.

JoBildo said...

Who's blaming me for what-now?

I only take blame for that one night in Tiajuana with the chickens, the donkey, Fran Tarkinton and the midget. That was all my idea.

Openedge1 said...


Told you not to invest in the market with that Monopoly money..

Now look at the crapper we are in...