Monday, October 13, 2008

Supernatural - Plug time

Tell me you are watching it? Tell me that you have your eye on probably the best show of this seasons entries so far...

With Heroes taking a downturn. Stargates final season is on TV this year, Battlestar and Lost is not on for a while. And other shows are good (Fringe, and I am pleased, but not WOW) or not good (Terminator, just have not felt like watching it)

No, this year, a show pulls a rabbit out of it's hat and becomes something tremendous.
Great acting by two great looking stars, and a story that takes a turn and really makes you think of our world in many ways...

If you are not aware, Supernatural follows the story of two young men whose Mother and now Father have been taken away by those creepy things that go bump in the night.
They become "Demon Hunters".
What people may not realize is how the show is based on an RPG called Hunter: The Reckoning.

For Hunter the RPG it states:
"Humans go about their daily lives, with no recognition of the supernatural forces around them, or the evil that rises from it. However, people who witness a traumatic event involving this supernatural evil are given a "message" to act against it. This message is received from enigmatic beings known as the Messengers, Heralds or Patrons, who are agents of the universe's creative force, analogous to angels. Those who do not act after receiving the message are "Bystanders", who recognize the darkness for what it is but are powerless to do anything about it because they refused the means to do so. However, those that receive the message and choose to fight the darkness are called the "Imbued", and they are granted powers called "Edges" to fight against the evil. The Imbued are also called Hunters."

Most of this has not been seen in Supernatural which has run for 3 seasons, and is now within it's 4th stellar season with an unusual twist.
One of the boys is secretly being trained by a Demon to hone powers of telekinesis, mind reading, etc.
The other ...has received an Arch Angel who is guiding his choices.

Edges if you will.

Having played the game in the past, I see the little nods to the RPG within this show, and the fact the special effects are expanding and getting better, the twists and plot lines deepen through it all with an underlying story that keeps the threads together.
This show has really had a killer 4th season so far.

Check out the show on DVD if you can, and make sure to give it time. The 1st season was full of the monster of the week shows, like Scooby Doo for adults. The 2nd season started to flesh out the mythology much more, and the 4th season is the culmination of a show where the writers have a grasp of what to do to make their show work (looks at Heroes with a /sadface).

Part of the CW network...check it out if you are a horror movie buff who likes some meat in their story...and we are not talking just the two good looking boys!!



Ardwulf said...

Hold on a minute... Stargate Atlantis is being cancelled too? I knew the original had ceased, but it'd be too bad if SG:A were to go away as well.

I don't watch Supernatural, though I understand it's a good show. I don't really watch much TV - Heroes has been it for a while, at least until Galactica comes back next year.

I DID watch the premiere of Life on Mars this past week, and liked it a lot. It's a remake of a BBC show that I have not seen.

Openedge1 said...

I watched the original Life on Mars, so I would probably start taking potshots at it (I am a HUGE fan of British TV, so I am always picky...yet, some get it The Office)

But, yes SG:A is done, with an option for one movie so far.
Stargate Universe has been optioned though with a whole new setting which looks to change things up.

As to Supernatural...and Heroes..
I LOVE Heroes and still watch, but in comparison, this season in just 4 episodes, Supernatural has made Heroes look like DooDoo...PERIOD.

If you like horror mixed with a little Exorcist fun and games (i.e: Religious Horror overtones, i.e: with angels and demons) then this one is so on, and the fact the brothers are gaining attributes..too fun.

As to, not much here either...we are picky.
But, any "genre" TV, we try to support as there is just not enough good genre TV.

Crimson Starfire said...

Damn, that's a shame about SG:A being cancelled. I loved that show. Heroes is awesome, but how many times can you jump the shark in on episode? I've been watching the BBC life series with David Attenborough, which is awesome.

I totally didn't know about Supernatural. I'll have to take a look. I've played hunter the reckoning, and I remember it being a hack'n'slash? It was good fun, but got insanely hard in later levels.

I was going to start working my way back through the X-Files... but sounds like Supernatural might fill the void.

Cheers for the info.

Anonymous said...

We have Supernatural on one of the channels here, do not know which season they are showing, but I guess it might be season 1.

I do not watch TV regularly so often just end up seeing something just by chance.