Monday, October 20, 2008

Warhammer Online - Amazing how many are done now

I have been quite shocked over the number of bloggers that are done with WAR.

So many issues of bloggers starting arguments with other bloggers about about how they felt that people should not knock WAR..It WAS innovative yet, others could not see it...

Yet, here we are at that 30 day mark, and people going back to WoW, EQ2, Vanguard...even LOTRO has had an upsurge of players..

And to even hit the bottom, people left WAR to go back to AoC.

From Tobold and Ogrebear. To Hudson asking what other games to play. Ardwulf has even decided to go back to EvE but is trying to find a reason to stay in WAR....

Seems the steam died out fast for this one.

I am sure it is a fun game for some...but, even the X-Fire curve is starting it's downward spiral.

It makes me wonder what it is that WAR did NOT have...what is that one thing that catches players of MMO's that did not work here?

It plays like WoW, looks similar to WoW, yet could not muster the drive that kept the WoW player type of mentality on board...

Why not share your insights...Did you stay, did you go? Are you contemplating playing another MMO WHILE playing WAR?

Should be good to hear..


brenda said...

Why did you or anyone think a PvP-centric game was going to appeal to people who openly said before the game launched that they were interested in it for its PvE aspects?

Naturally, those people were going to return to a PvE game...

Openedge1 said...

In so many words, people should not have tried something new?

Guess it just needs to be stated..they went in for the wrong reasons as you so kindly put it..

I did not think it would appeal to anyone actually...and was shocked when I read how "Ubah Awesome" it was...

That was 30 days ago though...

Wonder what happened in that 30 days...was it really just the PvE?

Zeebrat said...

Still digging WAR.

My only complaint would be that it could use more armor designs. Otherwise I'm pretty satisfied. The PvP is kick ass. The PvE is just like every other game out there. Kill this, grab this, use this item over here.

Maybe what people hate is that no matter how much time you invest in the game, you're gonna level slow. It's not end game driven. It's not even about uber loot. It's all about the gameplay.

I suspect in the future more people geared towards PvP will give WAR a try. They'll probably enjoy the hell out of it.

Crimson Starfire said...

If I had to rate the last 4 MMO's I've played (bearing in mind that I'm a PvP guy), these are the scores I would give them:

Warhammer: 7.5
Guild Wars: 9
WoW: 7
Eve: 8

The only reason I don't go back to GW is that I'm burnt out of it. WAR has enough PvP to keep me interested until something better comes out (ie. Guild Wars 2, KotORO, Diablo 3).

WAR's PvE content isn't spectacular, but it provides something to do while I'm waiting in the scenario queues ;)

Openedge1 said...

And YOU are the one who most fascinates me.

I thought the look of your character meant a lot to you, and I have yet to see a "GOOD" looking character model in WAR.

SOGA models all the way here.

But also, were you not a PvP player at one time like Blachawk?


Zeebrat said...

Nope I was never a PvP player. I dabbled in WoW. I dabbled in RFO. In WAR its really easy to get into though. The levels come faster if you PvP a lot. You get great items too. There are so many incentives to PvP in WAR that it would be silly not to.

I look good enough as my char. The graphics aren't THAT bad. They do sort of look like they never finish loading though. Each class definitely has some style, and that counts for something.

The public quests are fun and a good way to get Phat l00t.

The classes are balanced on each side since they all have a good and evil version.

I think overall its a solid game. With far less bugs than most MMOs in their first month.

Many MMOs are barely playable at launch nowadays. The gameplay in WAR is pretty top notch. I can't see a reason to complain.