Monday, October 20, 2008

I can never WIN in that MMO

I put up a comment on MMOQuest for Stargrace's post..Random Bits

She states
"Tipa and I were talking about how EQ2 is “home base” for both of us. We may play other games, and I certainly do wander but when all is said and done we both end up back in EQ2 - and happily so. "

And I started to wonder if I had a home.

And then it struck me when I posted in her comments there.

I am use to the mentality that games are meant to be WON. They END. You have a goal.

And maybe this is the issue with MMO's in general. None ever have an ending per se...

They are an endless grind, just like life...

I happen to already have one of those. (Yes...I really do...)

And this is my concern. Maybe this is why one MMO has never been my "home" game. Many can keep my interest, yet, I have never gotten to end game of any MMO...

Except Guild Wars. And has an END.

I can look my list of previous PC, Playstation, Xbox and 360 games that I have COMPLETED, and I feel I accomplished something.

Maybe this IS the problem with MMO's for many is that every day you come back and do the same things as before. Unique features will only pop up so many times, then you just rinse and repeat.

What goal am I achieving? Achievement systems seem to be going in place in some games, and that is a cool option...titles also. Items become goals. Housing and Guild Halls in some games.
Raids? Are these final goals? Nothing seems final about these options though.

I guess I am confused over when the RIGHT time is that I can say..I accomplished something in that game..

I can rarely say that for an MMO.

"I made it 8 months in that game" ...THAT is an achievement?

What is your main goal besides entertainment in an MMO?

I like to be entertained by movies...but they end.
TV Shows? They end each week...but, the serialization gives a finished effect...
Novels? End...until the next book...but, you accomplished something by reading that novel.

This is a strange ponderance and something that niggles at the back of my mind.

Have you thought about this?

Is the only reason we play to maybe socialize? Could we not do this in just another chat room?

Food for thought as I head to bed.



Stargrace said...

Socializing in a chat room is boring. The friendships I've made through encounters in MMO's (be they a grind or otherwise) would never have happened there. The sense of pride over a crafted creation, taking down a difficult encounter, knowing that I am learning to play my class to the best of my abilities, the artwork that's been inspired from the games, all of these are why I play - combined with the social aspects. MMO's don't need an 'end' to be full filling (for me personally of course) because it's the journey that is the best part. It all ends eventually, I won't be gaming in this game forever nor will any of the friends I have now - but while it lasts, why not have a blast.

Melf_Himself said...

"Home base" for me is Guild Wars. I go back there for the PvP, which of course is not played for the 'end' but rather for the encounter itself...

The endless raiding merry-go-round that is PvE in some games never really got me.

brenda said...

Not sure what you're getting at, here. World of Warcraft is easily finished in a couple of months. When you get to where you're grinding daily quests and rep, you're done. Fini. Come back in two years to do it again.

Wizard 101, my current crush, is totally finishable, and I totally intend to finish it, too.

EQ is far too difficult to easily finish, and there's always one more AA you really want. EQ2 doesn't have that same pull, but the varied nature of the gameplay means there's always a lot of stuff you can do when you're tired of killing stuff. The whole interior decoration game is unique to EQ2 in AAA MMOs. And -- no killing.

Openedge1 said...

But, WoW is not one of those games I consider "home"
And maybe "home" is a misnomer is my point.
I do not have one game that I always go back to (except maybe Guild Wars...)
And this probably has to do with finality.

It is like a relationship.
We get married to a game, and stick it out..
Yet, some play around, but always come back, and may even feel a little guilty over leaving in the first place.
Then they put in more time with that game they married, and get bored or upset in that marriage..
But, we know divorce will spell the end, so we keep them hanging..going out every once in a while, but always coming back to them...

I could go on in this metaphor.

But, I guess I will never have one game I will die with...

I think I must be an MMO Bachelor.

Zeebrat said...

Home Base for me is actually a MUD called Dragonrealms. I've played it since I was 10. We have an on and off relationship. It never ends, there are no quests. It's just a game I've gotten so used to over the years.