Friday, October 3, 2008

I has AWARDz Comrade!

This weeks Blog-o-Steria at Channel Massive had yours truly being lauded for his psychotic behavior a couple of weeks ago....

I love the award, as it really shows some people get it, yet others did not..

The badge was awarded to Openedge1 after he blew up his old blog and restarted it under a new name. Learn how this achievement was unlocked in Episode 60.

I enjoy some of the comments for the podcast presenting it to me...

Mark says:

"Damn straight, comrade. You should be totally outraged; downing vodka shot after vodka shot while whining about the injustice of it all and probably throwing out the hypocrisy word several times per hour. Your skin is far too think (sic!...Thick) and your sense of humor far too keen.

We may have to strip you of your badge because of these qualities.

Seriously though, your whole communist rebranding effort was hilarious and really enjoyable. Thanks for the laughs and the time it must have taken to put that all together!"

And jimmyjam:

"As we continue to podcast, it becomes more and more obvious that Channel Massive’s relationship with bloggers is a love/hate thing. Since we started Blog-O-Steria and the Achievement System, we tend to get one of two reactions: 1.) “I’m honored, funny stuff.”; or 2.) “Fuck yourselves, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Openedge1 is obviously in the former and it’s easy to see why — because he has a sense of humour. A person without one, wouldn’t have turned his blog into a Stalinist police state to poke fun at the blogosphere in the first place. While we will continue to do what we do regardless of which of the two reactions we get from the blogger(s) of the week, I must admit, it’s nice when people like Openedge1 can take what we do with a grain of salt and laugh. Your Channel Massive Achievement Badge package is on its way.


If you wish to read about how this came about, go check out Channel Massives site for the gory details.

And to those who "understood", a toast!

It was great fun..

Now, excuse me...but I thought we were discussing games...(hehe...what a Dichotomy!)



Stargrace said...

... Hah!
Congratulations... *grins*

brenda said...

Congrats 2 U! Couldn't have gone to anyone more deserving :) Your Stalinist Blog was classic and hilarious!

Now I'm totally envious, though!!!!

Anonymous said...

That segment is pretty much the only thing I listen to on Channel Massive; I find much of their conversation somewhat dull. But Blog-o-Steria is sometimes hilarious.

Openedge1 said...


You know, I may never get that kind of novel idea again, and for the majority of the time, many bloggers are more hilarious (like Killed in a smiling it and your WAR post make me laugh out loud)

But, I at least have something to aspire to...

And as always a /wink /wink to those who got it, and I thank you and Stargrace for helping me understand it.
(All that winking makes me feel Sarah Palin today...I feel PRETTY!!)