Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fable 2 - Diary

I strolled into Bower Village today.

The folk here were kind, and noted my skill of taking out the Bandit King.
Seems word travels fast.
Children even followed along as I told the tale of the make that 20 (really it was 50 men, but who was counting) thieves who lost their lives at my hand.

There was a Bard here.
He noted my renown, and wished to follow me. He seems to want to make songs about my heroics.

I knew I needed some food, but I needed to meet with the Oracle.
She was to be late, but suggested I gear up for my adventures ahead.

A sign proclaimed "Help Wanted" for the Blacksmith. I proceeded to hammer out metal for swords and weaponry. It was quite tricky, and I broke a few, but I gained some minor wealth.

I dined (but not too much, as I could feel my waistline increasing)

There is a lady strolling the streets in a smart black dress and wears a monocle with a charming top hat.
I believe this to be a desirable trait and proceeded to show her my muscular physique.
She has mentioned something about being rich.

Do I court for love ...or money?

Why is that gentleman eyeing me like that? He seems to be enamored with MY style. I guess anything is possible here in Albion.

I must be off, as I have decided to invest in a food cart, which will earn me gold, even when I (or my Xbox) is asleep.

G'day fellow travelers...

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