Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fable 2 - Comment Wars on CO-OP

In my first post on my disappointment in the CO-OP features of Fable 2, a fine gentleman by the name of Tim kindly announced to me in comments..

"Did you research the game at all? This has been pretty common knowledge for a while."

I have NOT known this to be the case, and pointed out several articles (with one being from Arstechinca, ) which Tim kindly proceeded to note ...

"you're using some obscure site as a reference"

(Arstechnica has a rough average of almost a million visitors a day...and has been in existence since 1998...pretty obscure indeed...)

But, was this the case....? Did I miss something?

Seems a whole thread of players were in the same boat as I...

And I quote the LIONHEAD Forums

"So, thanks for all the waiting for this cool game with this awesome feature. i hate to tell you but it blows......I dont accept your patch. take it back and give us what you promised. not some cheap knock off."

"THE COOP SUCKS!!!! Why can't my friends see my character!!!?!?!?!?! WTFFFF whats the point of trading items if you cant see what im wearing!?!?!?!?!"

"i am mortified! when lionhead said there will be a henchmen, i thought that meant on couch coop NOT xbox live!!!!!"

"If they were going to do co op they could have done it right"

So, guess a thread with 218 posts so far ALSO did not know this was common knowledge...

My, My...

(EDIT: Seems more data is coming forward about this issue...following data presented...)

This post states

Not to add fuel to the fire but...

Under the Features list:

If you go into another persons game as a guest the look of the character will be based off of your character's look. If you don't have a character of your own you'll have a generic pre-determined look to your hero

And this little ditty

Video at Games Radar

Lovely stuff...

(EDIT: Again, as this is my favorite part...from a developer...)

"It's a complete different matter to shout so loud and say we're breaking promises left, right and centre because that is simply not true. It's a lot of balony, the feature is what it is, we decided to make it like that. Don't like it? Too bad. For every one person that's complaining there's twenty playing the game. I suggest you do that as well." about attitude...geez.

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