Friday, October 31, 2008

Warhammer Online - EA announces 800k sign ups, yet...

Decline is still evident.

We understand that Xfire is not an overall section of the population, but as I must continue to shows trends.

Looking at these numbers, it makes me wonder if the server trends are the same?

I know they launched with a ton of servers and have already discussed closing some down. Never a good sign, yet from my understanding, the fact that they will probably go from 50+ to 25+, still means there will be a lot of servers.

But, I have seen dissension among the blogger elite.

When one of your most staunchest supporters whines like a baby over issues like Heartless has, then it may be time to start finding out what is happening in the world of WAR.

Good luck Mythic!


Anonymous said...

I think this is a pattern one will see for any hyped MMO game. It is not a game for everyone and some people have started to realize that they might not be in the core group for whom Warhammer Online fits great.

But frankly I do not see what was so horrible with the play session Heartless_ described. Perhaps not so much xp according to the last section and wipes might not be fun, but some activities sounded pretty ok.

Hudson said...

I hate when companies do this prior to the launch of another game that is competing against them. Well I hope the server moves do WAR well. They need to get these people together at ALL levels, not just Tier 4, and get them back to fighting the way it was the first 2 weeks. When there are people and they are all grouping and fighting and questing AND RVR'ing, the game is pretty cool.

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