Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Age of Conan - Gets a Big Bang-

Monday night on CBS television (for Non-Americans, a large television network in the States) broadcast an episode of "Big Bang Theory".
Basically a show about 2 geek guys ...total nerds trying to survive in the normal world where everyone else seems to be not as smart...you know kind of like our lives (hehe).

On this episode it dealt with one of the characters, Sheldon, playing an MMO...called Age of Conan.....>

A brief bit can be seen here

First off, my thought is...who paid for this spot? Was it Funcom?
I believe so based on Famine's fangirl like attitude over this episode..

This started me thinking of a whole audience who has maybe never heard of AoC, especially the non-MMO elite (you bloggers know who you are...darn Elitists)..
Or those who play WoW and see no game outside of the realm of Azeroth...i.e: have never played another MMO before.
Lets say these people go online to look for reviews, and could see that mass majority of those that reviewed the level 1-20 game, and gave those great ratings...
What could this do sales wise?

As to the show itself, it's popularity is quite large, ranking always second (seems people have a need to gouge their eyes out and self flagellate as "Dancing with the Stars" always seems to take the ratings for the night... Sorry, I would rather shove forks in my eyes before watching that crud...).
So, would the thought of such a high profile appearance make a difference for numbers? Hard to say.

Time will only tell.

Speaking of numbers...I have been playing on the Set server and belong to a rather large guild (I was ninja invited, and it happened everytime I started a new character, so I finally took one of the invites...)

Fellowship of Souls

I have been impressed with their numbers, especially last night (a weekday even) having 70 people on at once. That shocked me.

If you look at the website, they have a good criteria for members which also impressed.
30 day logins or boot. Good move. Keeps the guild alive at least.

Activities for the guild include..

Prizes and contests for players in game
Scheduled PvP mini games (CST dangit...a little late for this old man..)
Vent Server

And each time I login, the guild channel is always a buzz. Certain players are quite dedicated, and this sure does help to alleviate the feeling of the game having lost its player base.

Based on the forums as well, certain servers have become the main hub to create a character on. A lot of people not waiting for the merge, are starting fresh.

Set and Wiccana have become the PvE servers of choice.
Tyranny, Deathwhisper, Cimmeria seems to be the PvP servers of choice.

Cimmeria happens to be the RP-PvP server.

I have decided to make one character there.

This decision is based on the Testlive work I did this weekend. Patch 3.0 is up, and I put some of the changes to the test.

I recorded some video and placed them on my X-Fire profile. They are slightly dark as I was doing this at night in the game (ARGH...), but the action can be seen.
The combo system has been radically changed, and combat speed increased. Damage changes are also in line to create a faster kill.

Also, of note is the start of the itemization.
On the Trader you can now search a new section called "Social".
The talk on the Testlive forum is this will contain basic clothing styles, jewelry (which actually shows up on characters in AoC, which I find quite enjoyable), and who knows what else.

Also, thanks to the other changes I saw, like performance, which was enhanced quite nicely...shadows are back on with me running 40-60FPS, which is incredible for that engine. The combat changes, and the changes to itemization has made a decision for me..

I have decided to reup for two more months (and thanks to finding a set of game cards which goes two months for 11 bucks a month.).

The game seems to be making major strides at least to keep afloat, and the Game Director is quite adamant in finding out what players want.

Again, I can only say...time will tell.

The Xbox has been getting some love since this past weekend.

I purchased Mass Effect last weekend, and it has really got me fascinated (it is definitely quite fun).
The Viking game I have been playing took a new turn.
In Viking I finished a scenario that has taken me to a new location, with twice as many things to do.
I am building up armies (which I get to use once in a while for mass skirmishes), and I am looking for 2 more dragon gems which will allow me to control a single Massive Dragon in the final battle. I do not know much about this yet...but more as it happens.
I also do sneak missions to complete objectives.
Combat is rousing fun with decapitated arms and lopped off heads.

For a cheap game with middling reviews, it actually is very good.

Ok, looks like I have rambled off again, so just ignore any text above you wish, and have a great week...

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