Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mass Effect - Really love this...

I have about 10 hours into this now, and all I can say fun.

I am a big Bioware fan since Baldurs Gate. But, lately their stray to Sci-Fi and the Oriental love of Jade Empire (a really fun title as well), Bioware has been on game.

This shows thanks to the new conversation system.

It seemed after a while that the conversations in the other games got slightly tedious, and you wanted to move on to the action.

Here, it is quite interactive. And sometimes you can interrupt the other parties conversation.

But, as well, the combat is not standard run and gun. You really have to think on it. And what is not fun about changing out the gear, your party members...just like the old days.

If the discussion of the new KOTOR MMO includes any of these advances in Mass Effect though, I think we may finally get a real Sci-Fi MMO that is worth a darn.
I would like an MMO that has a conversation system that means something (like the Diplomacy system in Vanguard, and AoC's discussion system, which actually makes me read the text...too bad it has no effect what answer you choose there.)

Ok, back to more game time.


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Hudson said...

Yeah at first I hated Mass Effect, but after a second approach I started to dig it. I really should have gotten the PC version though.