Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Age of Conan - Stygia and the outer zone

Tetlana is proving to be a favorite of mine.

A level 30 Necromancer, this class is fun to play for several reasons.

Even though I have pets, they do NOT take aggro, and are there to enhance my DPS output only.

I must choose the correct pets based on their attack methods. From standard attacks to mana drains (and even a spellcaster I just gained at level 30), strategy is everything.

My own personal spells are dangerous, with quite a few AoE versions to allow maximum death to rain down from above.

Freezing and Unholy skills are her specialty.

It is appropriate that the Necro deals with death as she deals death to mobs on a massive scale.

So far I have toured the Khopshef Province, and have entered various locations plying my trade as the "Lady of Death".

People have stated that it is a good "solo" class, and they may be right.
But, this past weekend would have been the perfect time to have her in a group with my Dark Templar.

He is not doing so well.

I entered an Epic zone of Field of the Dead (basically a Raid like setting that all zones have...i.e: when you enter you have a choice to enter it Epic. You must have a party to live.).
We had a group of 4.
Myself, a Bear Shaman, a Barbarian and an Archer class.
One Boss proved to be the end of us though.

Not because he killed us, but instead based on the fact WE could not kill HIM.

His heal kept him right above our damage output, which was pitiful.
The only one doing damage was the Ranger, with some shots hitting close to 800 damage.
Myself, not even 200.
The Bear Shaman was able to keep us healed while dealing damage himself.
But, damage was not his job at that juncture.
The Barbarian..well, maybe he was NOT doing his job. He was going 2 handed, and not sneaking, and pulling aggro a lot of times. But, his output was better than mine.

The Dark Templar has just been an ongoing issue in Conan.

It seems this class just does not fit into any category...which is both good and bad.
Since the standards of tank and spank do not work the same in AoC compared to other MMO's, DPS is not it's place, yet, tanking also is not this classes strong suit, as no matter what I did (raised my taunt skills, heavy damage) I could not take aggro or keep it.

So, most people feel the class is overlooked...which it mostly is.

No recent fixes have been in this classes favor.

And thanks to it's "Vampiric" like attacks, the class is quite fun to play with a life tap that keeps you alive a lot longer than you normally would survive, but this is the issue.

You cannot kill anything, and nothing can hardly kill you.

With Patch 3.0, the combo reductions should speed up combat, yet a nerf is coming into play for the DT.
Bad news for an under achieving class to begin with.

Screams of "Delete the DT's" is already being tossed around on the Test forums.

The classes remind me of EQ2 with so many variations, and some being overlooked by players.
I guess this will be another "wait and see" situation.

But, for now, I think my focus will move to my Necro as when it comes to fun, this class is it.

I have started a Bear Shaman also, which should get me into more groups. More on that class later.

Ok...back to gaming...cheers.

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