Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lord of the Rings Online - No reason

I deleted my install of LOTRO this weekend.

No reason to continue to even try.

Many times have I tried to get a feel for the game.
And I for one have been harsh beyond belief during this time.

But, for good reason......

This weekend I had a horrible issue running the game.
Yet, so many other games run fine for me.
I had to make major adjustments to the .ini file which controls certain aspects of how the game runs (lighting, aliasing, effects processing).
Due to a bug with their code and ATI cards, I was forced to turn off features that make the game dull and lifeless looking.
Mind you this is it's landscapes.
The models still irk me. Dull and lifeless does not even describe it.
I loaded up after finally doing some text tricks as suggested, and got in.
Then I went to access my main and stood there looking at his waistline.
The character was shapeless and unusual. And the game is suppose to be going for a realistic feel. Yet, the characters are so stylized, it is sad.

I loaded in and of course, I was in Bree. I got to experience the horrendous hitching issues.
I planned to record this, but for some reason X-Fire is disabled for this purpose in LOTRO, yet, I can get this to run in any other game.

I left town, and still stumbled along, watching characters rubberband as they ran by me, saw how I ran. Then I fought my favorite of all mobs...a bear.
It looked goofy.

Mind you this is all personal feeling. But, it truly has shown me that I am not one to be able to accept such a cheap imitation of so many other better games.

I have kept LOTRO in hopes Moria may fix some of my issues. But, I can't do it anymore.
The game is truly a sad second rate, B Grade MMO.

And besides anytime Steefel decides to discuss how the game is the "2nd best thing" to happen to MMO's and is Salmon (not Steak mind you, that would be Funcom /sarcasm off) of the MMO dining elite....I will not discuss this game any more, and count this as my final rant (which should make a few LOTR lorists/fanboys quite happy)

Good riddance Turbine.

LOTRO is not a well made game. And no matter how much people pick on Funcom for AoC, NCSoft for Tabula Rasa, or SOE for Vanguard..they each at least have something special within each of them...

A soul.


Ken said...

I know what you mean about LOTRO. No matter what race I picked, the form and motion of the characters seemed so, well, -off- that I gave up after only maybe an hour or two into the free trial.


Jason said...

I actually liked the graphics and I never had any issues running LOTRO, but the game itself is just a snoozefest.

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)