Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Age of Conan - My cancellation = Patch 3.0

Whaddya know. I cancel my account yesterday and today is Patch 3.0...surprise.

I still have until the middle of November at least to see what has been done.

This is suppose to be a major change to PvE.
Content for upper levels, crafting changes and the revised combo system for combat.
Itemization has been mentioned as having a once over as well.

Discussion was being done on changes to how items also represent their numbers data. But, when I was on Testlive, I did not see those changes.

Finally this patch brings in the Consequences system.

On PvP servers now there are level limits for PvP, meaning if I am level 20, I better not go killing level 5's. Otherwise I get criminal points. It is my understanding that now a 10 level gap is present for PvP to be consensual. Meaning, if I am level 15, and you are level 10 or even 5, I can attack you if I wish.
These points when reaching a certain level turns you into a murderer and players may attack you without abandon.
Should prevent as much ganking as has been present (FFA does not mean annoy anyone trying to do any quests for example...yet many players took it upon themselves to do just that) and if anything sets up a precedent for RP on the servers with I am assured, certain players purposely turning into criminals.
A note for the criminal is they will be KoS for any city, and must resort to Bandit camps to renew supplies, etc. I am not sure how you remove these points either..
How this affects the access to the Auction system or mail or even storage, unknown.

Will hopefully find out more soon.

Now, my hopes are this convinces me otherwise to change back to subscriber, but I do not hold up hope.
I think the genre is just tired, and instead of burning out and hating all MMO's in the future, I should still take the break.

At least for another 15+ days, I will see what this does for gaming and the population of AoC.

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