Saturday, October 4, 2008

Age of Conan - Testlive weekend commences

I have made the appropriate copies and moved my level 50 Dark Templar over to Testlive servers this weekend for the chance to see what has happened to melee combat.
I will hopefully get my X-Fire video working again to see if I can capture some vids to upload as well.
As to X-Fire....well, seems X-Fire did not want to work with LOTRO...

I tried to capture the hitching mess in LOTRO last night, but X-Fire would not capture it. Not sure why.
(PS: No, X-Fire is not the cause of the issues, as I also tested that already with it shutdown. I also have no AV running when running LOTRO..)

But, I found a fix finally on the LOTRO forum for the ATI 4870 issue.

The fix?

Turn off Post Processing.

What does this do?

Pretty much eliminates any and all effects for DX10 whatsoever and creates a dull visual quality akin to Warhammer Online.

I will write more on this.

For now, the AoC test is in progress, and hopefully I can report on the current situation there.


(PS: The patch 3.0 update just finished for AoC. I had it running in the background. I was not aware it was done as I was typing this...but all of a sudden I hear a tribal drum beat...the game actually announced the update was complete...pretty cool)

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