Friday, October 10, 2008

When a game is TOO real

Ray Kurzweil, MMO Blogger.
(EDIT: Seems the linked article is incorrect, and I wish to thank the commenter who pointed this out. Seems the site I found the information on, Kotaku, was being sensationalistic..gotta love these game/news/blog sites. Any reference to Kurzweil is strictly in a blogger sense. All entries edited for content. )

Superstruct, discussed by Kurzweil, is an MMO simulation of what life may be like by the year 2019. You as a player create your profile of your "future" self, and then attempt to learn about five possible "Superthreats".

Here is a youtube video of what the thought is regarding these threats which are so real, as to make one wonder "Is this really a game"?

Also, linked there is this video of somone describing how to play..

The site states that the Institute for the Future will compile the data from the simulation, and when 10 years have passed, create a document of the data to present to Governments.

You as the player work with teams on which you deem the most important threat to tackle. You then write a story in collaboration to discuss how to handle this.

Quite a few stories already exists on the site.

The "game" is free (from what I can tell so far). The site is pretty convoluted, but if you are the type that likes to explore and spend time just reading various information, or looking at the structure and layout, there is a lot to see here.

Videos discussing each of the threats, an FAQ and more are all on the site to help you learn more about the game.

This definitely smacks of Pen and Paper RPG due to the need to "story-fy" your profile.
I am still investigating the site, but so far this is unique, and I for one like the idea of dealing with these issues.

I do have some problems due to how realistic of an approach it takes, and for games, I prefer realism in a fantasy world, not my real one. But, no one never said I was NOT adventurous...(A Voyeur too according to the Cops, I think that was the word they used...)

Give the site a gander, and let me know your thoughts.


Hudson said...

This needs a Zombie plague. If it had a zombie plague I would be all over it

Openedge1 said...

Zombies rock...
If I had an MMO with Zombie fighting..

Oh wait...Left4Dead is coming soon...
CO-OP Zombie killing goodness

Mmmm...HEADSHOT heaven!

Hubber said...

Just a head's up -- Ray Kurzweill BLOGGED about Superstruct, but didn't work on the project at all. The game is produced by the Institute for the Future. Jane McGonigal (that talking head in the video) is the game director and Jamais Cascio (at is the scenario director. Just thought you might want to publish the correction! Thanks!

Openedge1 said...

I based my information on the source linked in my blog.
The headline stated "Kurzweil launches..."
I will make sure to make the changes, and thank you for the heads up.