Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fable 2 - CO-OP is a FLOP

What were they thinking?

Couch CO-OP, you must have the other player be a henchman. You cannot bring your own avatar in.

As well, I just read one re-review of the Online Xbox Live CO-OP

Also broken. The other player who comes to your world is forced to be a henchman..

What a screw up. It could have been the perfect couch co-op, or even online, but instead is just lame.

Lets hope they figure out that this is a major strike against the game.

I mean, who will come into my world as a henchman when they can play fully customized in their world.

But, so far it is an awesome single player game at least.

Just sad and disappointed.


Tim said...

Did you research the game at all? This has been pretty common knowledge for a while.

Crimson Starfire said...

That's sad news about the co-op... had my attention there for a second.

Openedge1 said...


Actually...no it has not.
The understanding was you could pick the avatar from the save from another profile.
It had never been noted that you could not have the same customized character.
Also the fact that online was the big mystery. NO ONE knew how this was to work as it was never demonstrated live.
This is why it is a disappointment.

Tim said...

Actually, it has.

Most people have known it was going to be exactly like this for quite some time. Major news sites have done many previews on the game and it has been out there to read.

You can't expect your lack of knowledge to apply to everybody. This was known and not some unexpected shock.

Openedge1 said...


Actually...AGAIN...has not

Though there was some confusion with regard to whether or not co-op players could actually use their own avatar

Posted Oct. 21st

Thanks for commenting.

Tim said...

So you're using some obscure site as a reference that we didn't know what the co-op would be like?

They talked about this at E3, dude. We knew about the orbs, we knew about only earning gold, and we knew about popping in as a henchman.

So... AGAIN... It has.

Thanks for responding.

Tim said...

Oh, my mistake. It wasn't E3.

It was GDC. That was way back in what, February?

They demoed the game on stage and showed off the co-op and basically explained all about it.

Openedge1 said...

Obscure site?

Ars reaches 959k people PER DAY
And is Rank 445.

Ok, lets use a site like Gamestop instead.

there was no online co-op support available at the time of writing

So the review had nothing about online OR offline coop.
COOP is not even mentioned in this review...
Also NO ONE has known about online co-op period.
As to offline coop, I saw the video and it was demonstrated with a pop in user as a henchman.
This did not explain about a user having their own profile.
The details were never fleshed out enough to say "YOU will not have your own Avatar"...

You are arguing the fact that I did not spend days researching something I was disappointed did not meet my expectations.
I did not go into Fable 2 with months of research and KNOWING it would not have Avatar coop.
No one even knew what online would even be like.
I would have accepted offline avatars being missing if online had this choice, but this is not even the case.

Anyways, I appreciate you coming and commenting on my blog, but, I will refrain from further comment wars.
The facts remain that the data was weak and not well fleshed out, and I am disappointed.
Nothing changes that.