Friday, October 24, 2008

Mass Effect - That "Sci-Fi" issue again

I have hit an impasse in regards to continuing in Mass Effect.
I played Viking last night and made some major progress, and Fable 2 has really hit home with me (even though a shout to Bildo as he suggested a deal for my son, and I worked it out with him, and he said he wanted to do the $40 deal. Now I have to get my own copy...ARGH).

But, I sat for a moment and stared at my Mass Effect as I debated putting it in. And instead decided on more Viking.

This always comes back to what it is about the Sci-Fi genre that really does not keep me enthralled.
And we are discussing hardcore Sci-Fi. Not weird Sci-Fi (like Bioshock which I am holding off on playing until I finish Viking).

KOTOR for example was a very good game...but I never finished it. Yet, Jade Empire I played twice. KOTOR 2 kept me for an hour, and then I was done.

In the MMO field, I could not keep up with Ryzom or EvE or SWG or even Tabula Rasa.

And when we think of the MMO many Sci-Fi games have been successful?

Maybe it is the fact it is an RPG. I LOVED Halo, Gears of War, which are also Sci-Fi. Yet, I am not inundated with techie talk...

Final Fantasy is a great series which strikes a balance between Sci and Fantasy. That I enjoy (Lost Odyssey is also awesome).

I may have to really think through the Mass Effect issue and make some decisions.

It is a really well done game, and makes you feel like a hero in that universe...but, will I feel like playing it again?

Only time will tell.

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JoBildo said...

I didn't have this issue with Mass Effect, as the game's story and mechanics were enough to keep me salivating till the end. But I've had this problem in game's like KotoR2 before.

It's really just a matter of taste I suppose. I've always liked Fantasy more than Science Fiction, but I'm anxious to find an MMOG that's done so well (and with avatars not ships) that it grabs me and holds tight.

I'm looking forward to Jumpgate Evolution, but as a "ship" game I know it won't really latch onto me more than as a side-diversion.

Here's hoping that BioWare's take on the SW MMOG turns out playable, even if it's just a minor increase in terms of innovation. The story alone, knowing those guys, could be worth the money.