Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fable 2 - 1 Hour in and ready to duo

Ok...about 1 hour in, goofing off and doing the tutorial, I am ready to do some duo fun.

As I have stated before, I have been DYING for a real on the couch old school RPG like Baldurs Gate and Legends of Norrath.
Looks like Fable 2 will foot that bill.
Basically you can create multiple accounts on the Xbox, for separate users, and then press the start button on the second controller. This allows anyone to hop in from their account.

So, right now the main account on the 360 is for the wife, and I created a secondary on the same system.
Once she is done with the tutorial, we will bring me in and each session will be us in one world to see how this affects the overall game.

Should be fascinating to see how this world will change with us both in it.

I have not told her about the Orgies yet though...(shhh...keep it secret)

More as we play...so later..


Crimson Starfire said...

WTF?? I didn't realize Fable 2 was multiplayer co-op?? That's friggin awesome!!

Think I might have to buy a 360...

Openedge1 said...

Yuppers. It works kind of weird on the couch, and I plan to post about that later.
But, online should be a real treat if it works as I think it will..

(PS: The game is a blast so far...after another 2 hours to make up my mind...lol)