Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All MMO's...Canceled...

Except for Guild Wars...ALWAYS FREE.

Until Spellborn releases, I see no reasons right now to pay for an MMO.

AoC's population has dwindled. The patch is still on hiatus. No other MMO makes me feel the need to come back.
And right now, I would usually get up in the mornings, play my MMO for an hour or so, then head to work.

Since Fable 2, this has changed to almost 2 hours of Fable in the mornings....and afternoons....and evenings...

Quality games equal more playtime. Period.

I also wanted to point out the story of my son and Fable 2.

He has played since I sold him his copy last week. He has beat the game twice already and is on his THIRD play through.

He bought my copy of Mass Effect Saturday (as he thought the gunplay was fun...), and the irritation finally kicked in for me. I asked him if he wanted it, and he could get it for 10 bucks (I bought it for 30).

He played it a total of 2 hours, and plans to sell it now.

And went back to his third time in Fable 2.


I will have to see if any game will keep me down the road.
For now, I see Spellborn and Aion on the horizon.
As well, maybe when the AoC patch comes through and I see what the verdict is...I may go back.

For now...I think taking a break is the better option than totally hating on MMO's.

I will continue to comment on any news items that look interesting. I also am still of the mind of looking at the genre as a whole, and finding out what is wrong with this market.

Cheers to you all...


Hudson said...

Good move. I was almost there, but I guess deep down I still like WoW too much to quit playing it. I was just bitter at it and the guild situation. Still, I tried to unplug for a while, and free is the way to go if you are sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Taking a break from time to time from the MMOs is good I think. If there is no urge to log in and play then it is time for a break.

Enjoy the break ;)